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Universal UV Sanitizer Box Universal UV Sanitizer Box

Universal UV Sanitizer Box

$75.00 $68.00

Kills 99.9% of germs Most people don’t give a second thought to using their cell phone everywhere, from their morning commute to the dinner table to the doctor’s office. Studies have shown that our cell phones carry 10 times more...

Portable UV-C Sanitizing Lamp Portable UV-C Sanitizing Lamp

Portable UV-C Sanitizing Lamp

$45.00 $35.00

Disinfecting on the go Effectively kills 99.9% germs 360 degrees sterilization  Efficient sterilization in 30 minutes Sterilizing Ultraviolet-C, sanitary treatment without chemicals Environmental-friendly replacement for disposable wipes Nano-coating technology One-key control Portable and suspension design  Rechargeable battery design Automatic shutdown No mercury...

UV-C Sanitizing Lamp


Disinfecting all areas at home UV lamp can be placed anywhere in the house including bedroom, bathrooms and living area. Utilize the remote to keep yourself safe whilst disinfecting your rooms with the remote control.

UV Purifier Water Bottle


Kill Germs with UV Light Ultraviolet (UV) light is a short wave-length light invisible to the human eye. UV light sanitizer works by penetrating the thin wall of small microscopic organisms destroying it’s nucleic acids - disrupting the DNA’s structure,...

UV Phone Sanitizer with Wireless Charging


Compact and Portable Use as a phone charger with UV sanitizing feature, perfect for home or office. 4 UV Lights embedded in the charging box. Peace of mind for disinfecting your smart phone and small objects like keys.