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Bamboo Travel Utensil Set

$9.50 $12.00

Travel set includes bamboo knife, spoon, and fork in cotton sleeve. Made of compostable bamboo, reduces the use of single use plastics. Great addition to your picnic basket, lunch bag or takeaway. Hand-wash with soap and water to lengthen the life of utensils.

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Why Bamboo

Bamboo is a wonderfully renewable natural resource. Being both lightweight and durable, it's a fantastic material for flatware and kitchen utensils. As a grass, its roots remain and quickly regrows after harvest. It's grown organically even on difficult terrain without pesticides, artificial irrigation or re-planting. Its root system helps to prevent erosion. And the Moso bamboo used by Totally Bamboo is not a part of the panda's diet.

Travel Friendly

Lightweight bamboo makes it convenient to carry around inside cotton sleeve. Bamboo utensils are fully compostable in your green bin at home. Cotton sleeve can be recycled through your local textile recycling plant.