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Bamboo Travel Utensil Set Bamboo Travel Utensil Set

Bamboo Travel Utensil Set

$12.00 $9.50

Why Bamboo Bamboo is a wonderfully renewable natural resource. Being both lightweight and durable, it's a fantastic material for flatware and kitchen utensils. As a grass, its roots remain and quickly regrows after harvest. It's grown organically even on difficult...

Telescopic Portable Straw Keychain


Bring it anywhere! Lightweight travel case holding a single straw and cleaning brush. Collapsible straw set comes inside a neat travel case keeping it clean and easily accesible. Metal clip at the top of travel case makes it easy to...

Travel Straw Set Travel Straw Set

Travel Straw Set

$12.00 $10.00

Sustainable straw that last Stainless steel is made to last, reuse over and over again. Keep this staple in your bag to easily cut out single use plastic straws. Easily stowed away in a linen drawstring pouch to easily carry...