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Using UV Light Sanitizers to Keep Your Daily Essentials Germ-free

Using UV Light Sanitizers to Keep Your Daily Essentials Germ-free

While we are washing our hands constantly and wiping surfaces down, there's another way that could be handy for protecting ourselves: sanitizing our phones and everyday essentials so we don't accidentally compromise the benefits of hand washing.

It's possible to sanitize your smartphone with alcohol wipes. However, human error and damage to the phone's surface make the slightly higher tech option of cleaning your phone with UV light another good alternative.

Even without the current health scare, a UV light sanitizer is a solid investment. Pick one up to keep your devices clean and germ-free. Get a portable light to use where ever you travel or work. They’re totally safe for electronics, and most have safety features that prevent the light from harming your skin or eyes.

If you're considering grabbing a UV light sanitizer or a product that uses UV lights, here are some uses you'll likely get out of it:
* These sanitizers can really shine if multiple people are around your tech devices through the day.
* They make for a quick clean for your tech after your kids (or grandkids) had their way with it
* And they can be helpful after a day out hiking, gardening, running and so on or a day in cooking, cleaning or playing around with your pets.

Beyond UV-sanitizing devices that clean your tech, there are also products that use UV light to clean what's inside them, like water bottles that self-clean. (Because you know you don’t wash your water bottle as often as you should.) These also employ UV-C light to rid germs and viruses on their interior.

UV Sanitizing Lamp

UV sanitizing lamp is a great addition to your home. Healthier living environment for you and your loved ones. Disinfect and sanitize different areas of your house with this UV sanitizing lamp. 


UV Phone Sanitizer With Wireless Charging

UV disinfects 99.9% virus and bacteria. Sanitize your phone within 15 minutes to keep it clean while wirelessly charging your phone when placing into the case (Only for phones with wireless charging).


Universal UV Sanitizer Box

Disinfect your phone and daily essentials with UV. Fits most device models including all iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy 10+, Samsung Note 9, iPod, mp4, bluetooth earbuds, and more.


    UV Purifier Water Bottle

    UV Water Bottle, 500 ml double wall bottle, that disinfect your drinking water and can keep a cold drink for over 24 hours, hot drink 12 hours. Simply press the button on the lid and the UV light will purify your water in less than 15 mins.

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