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Finding the Motivation to Clean your Home

Finding the Motivation to Clean your Home

Cleaning is an inevitable part of life, no matter how you look at it. Finding the time and motivation to clean your home is not always an easy task.  Our lives are packed with schedules with other more ‘important’ things to do. The problem with procrastinating about cleaning is that it keeps getting worse every day: floors get dirtier, dishes pile up, clutter increases and procrastinating simply never helps. Here are a few methods you could you when you are having a hard to finding the motivation to clean:

Visualize the end result

If you are like most women, your motivation to clean is based on what your home will look like after the fact, which is to say the picture-perfect ideal of neat, tidy, organized and spotless. Look at the room and visualize how much better your living space can be. Getting a mental picture in your head will help you picture the small steps needed to get started.


Give it a reason

One reason that will get the house cleaner faster is knowing visitors will soon be arriving on the doorstep.  Go ahead and invite some friends over – the cleaning will get done in no time. Regardless of whether you have people coming to stay for an entire week or just for a fun-filled Saturday night, knowing that others will be in your home and noticing the way you live is a huge motivating factor.


Break tasks into clusters

The best way to start a big cleaning job is to break it down into more manageable tasks or areas. Then, to stay motivated, celebrate each success. Being with easy tasks you can tackle quickly and slowly move towards the larger tasks. Quick wins will help you find your motivation to clean. Once you see headway being made, and give yourself a chance to celebrate each success along the way, you will soon start to feel better about the work you are doing. Keep visualizing how terrific it will look after you are done.


Make it feel like a new space

Completely reorganizing a room can be the first step toward cleaning it. This can give you a fresh perspective and can perk up your cleaning motivation.


To get some decorating ideas, consult decorating magazines, decorating websites as well as decorating shows on television. Looking at a room with a new freshness and insight can make a tremendous amount of difference. Just having a few new decorator items – a new set of candlesticks or some pretty throw pillows – sitting off to the side until you finish cleaning the entire room can be a huge motivating factor.


It can be fun

Sometimes finding the motivation to clean involves using creative methods, like creating a great ambiance for the cleaning. Whether you like loud music, soft music, pop music or classical music, listening to music can elevate your mood, get your body moving and give your brain something to do while you are cleaning your house. Cleaning can be monotonous, but singing, dancing and twirling to the music can put pep in your step. So don't be afraid to crank up the music while you clean.


Power of habit

Now that your house is clean, we need to continuously keep it that way. There are big cleaning jobs (such as cleaning out the basement) and small cleaning jobs (such as cleaning the toilet or washing the dishes). One of the ways to prevent yourself from being faced with an insurmountable amount of cleaning is to get into the habit of doing “mini” clean-up jobs every day. Learn to wipe up spills and messes when they happen, put dirty clothes in the laundry basket not the floor, wash dishes at least once a day, and tidy up before bed so you do not have to wake up to a mess in the morning. Doing small cleanups every day means you won’t have a build up of tasks over the weekend.

Be realistic about what you have time for on what days and do not schedule a cleaning task for every day. Be flexible with yourself as well. Make the most out of what you have and try to enjoy it!

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